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Prawn Saganaki

Authentic Home-made Greek Food

Specialising in providing authentic Greek-cuisine, we use the freshest ingredients, our own recipes, and lots of creative flair to make sure our food looks as delicious as it tastes!

To get your taste buds tingling, we have outlined the kinds of foods you can expect to eat in our Family Taverna and those we have highlighted are included in our recipe section.


One of the best ways to enjoy Greek food is to just order a variety of starters 'mezedakia' and enjoy eating them with a cool glass of our home-made white wine.

We have over 30 starters on our menu but here are some of the classics!

  • Tzatziki - yogurt and garlic dip
  • Taramosalata - cod roe dip
  • Keftedes - small walnut sized morsels made with meat
  • Tiropitakia - feta cheese pies
  • Dolmades - stuffed vine leaves
  • Kolokethokeftedes - courgette fritters
  • Papoutsakia - stuffed aubergine
  • Hummus - spiced chickpea dip
  • Garides Saganaki - prawns in a tomato & feta cheese sauce
  • Kalamarakia - deep fried Calamari

Greek Dishes

Moussaka is probably the most well known Greek dish. Aubergines, minced meat cooked in herbs and spices covered in a béchamel sauce. Best served with a crisp salad and crusty bread – not to be missed! The other well known traditional Greek dish is Kleftiko. Succulent lamb cooked slowly with oregano and garlic and served with roasted greek potatoes and delicious feta cheese. Other homemade and Corfiot traditional Greek dishes served are:

  • Pastisada - beef cooked in a red sauce and served with pasta
  • Sofrito - beef cooked in garlic and wine
  • Pastitsio - macaroni baked in the oven
  • Bourdetto – white fish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with potatoes

Accompanying most Greek meals are lots of freshly cut salads and vegetables. In addition to the famous Greek salad, we serve fasolakia (spicy green beans), wild vegetables (horta), briam (roasted Mediterranean vegetables), and a favourite amongst many Greeks Chef's salad which combines ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and lots of mayonnaise dressing!

Grilled dishes

Traditionally when Greeks go out to eat they love to order lots of dishes and lots of grilled meat! It doesn't matter if it is not all eaten; it's just good to have all the things that they don't necessarily eat everyday at home. Hence grilled food is very popular and generally ordered by the kilo.

  • Paidakia - lamb chops
  • Hirine Brizola - pork chops
  • Moscarisio Filleto - fillet steak
  • Beeftekia - beefburgers
  • Loukaniko Horiatiko - village sausages
  • Kotopoulo Filleto - chicken breast
  • Kotopoulo Souvlakia - chicken kebabs
  • Pancetta - grilled pork slices

Fish and Seafood

Fresh fish and seafood are abundantly available on the island and a favourite amongst Greeks and Italians. Typically fish is simply grilled on the barbeque with a lemon, olive oil and oregano marinade or pan-fried. Common fish and seafood served are:

  • Tsipoura – Sea Bream
  • Sinagrida - Snapper
  • Barbouni - Red Mullet
  • Solomo - Salmon
  • Sardela - Sardines
  • Garides – Shrimps/Prawns
  • Megales Garides - King Prawns
  • Kalamari - Calamari
  • Meedia - Mussels

Although not commonly found in restaurants around Corfu, vegetarian dishes are a staple part of the Greek family's diet. Especially in the village areas many families will have their own plots of land on which they grow their vegetables and even raise their own livestock!

Although not strictly vegetarians ourselves, we are very passionate about healthy and 'good for you' food! So as a consequence we make sure that we offer a good range of seasonally available vegetarian dishes; many of which come from our own vegetable gardens. Favourites include:

  • Fasolakia - green beans
  • Tsigarelli - wild vegetables in a spicy sauce
  • Horta - wild vegetables
  • Briam - mixed roasted vegetables
  • Papoutsakia - stuffed aubergine
  • Arakas– peas cooked with tomatoes and dill
  • Fasolada - bean soup

Children's Menu

We also know that children can be very fussy eaters, so we have a separate menu that gives kids exactly what THEY want! no fuss, not too many green bits and of course smaller portions and cheaper prices than the adult menu.

No surprises that they can choose between Pizzas, Pastas, smaller Grilled andTraditional Greek portions and of course kids ice creams with lots of sparklers!


One of the benefits of having an English wife who has a sweet tooth, are the many mouth-watering desserts she and our staff produce! - both Greek and European.

Starting as a hobby and with lessons from Vassiliki, Teresa now bakes all of our desserts ranging from the traditional Greek delicacies of Baclava and Walnut Pie to Apple Crumble, her famous Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownies plus lots more!

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